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Women’s drug rehab centers cater directly to women, with female-friendly therapies and female-exclusive accommodation on offer. Gender-based drug rehabilitation has become more popular in recent years, with women’s drug rehab centers particularly common. Typical programs offered during women’s drug rehab include trauma counseling, family therapy, parenting support, and mental health services among others. Some treatment regimes may also support secondary substance and behavioral addictions, including eating disorders, food addictions, sex addiction and more. If you need to access women’s drug rehab, it’s important to contact a specialized facility as soon as possible.

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Drug Treatment for Women

The process of drug treatment involves a number of separate components working together in unison. Detox marks the start of the treatment process for many people, with medical detox services often recommended for physical drug addictions. Long-term medication treatment may also be required in some situations, especially for people addicted to opioids, alcohol and benzodiazepines.

Behavioral therapy also plays an important role, with typical behavioral models including cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, motivational interviewing, and 12-step facilitation. While men and women have similar needs regarding medication treatment, psychotherapy programs can differ widely.

Behavioral therapies look at the issues surrounding abuse and addiction, including the emotional and environmental precedents of addiction. Women often turn to drugs and alcohol for different reasons than men, with these issues needing to be addressed directly during a comprehensive treatment program. For example, sexual abuse and domestic violence might influence drug taking behavior, with family and parenting issues another influential factor.

In order to treat problematic drug taking behavior patterns, women need to address these issues head-on. There is also an important practical element to women’s treatment, with female-exclusive accommodation available during residential programs and childcare services also widely available.

Family Therapy

Family relationships greatly influence drug taking behavior, with healthy family dynamics also known to reduce relapse rates. Also known as couple’s therapy, marriage therapy or family systems therapy, this form of therapy is often used during residential and outpatient treatment. Women often have unique needs from the family therapy process, especially surrounding the issue of parenting.

For example, some women have lost custody of their kids to family services as a result of drug use, with this issue needing to be addressed in order to reduce the chance of relapse. Family therapy is available in two main configurations, with some programs working with entire family groups and others working through issues with the affected person alone.

Trauma Counseling

Women’s rehab programs often deal directly with trauma issues, with women often living with trauma as a result of sexual or domestic abuse. Generally speaking, women are much more likely to accept recovery treatment of this nature when it’s conducted in a female-exclusive environment with a female counselor. Gender-based rehab programs are able to provide this service and get women the help they need to turn their lives around. Trauma counseling may also deal with mental health issues, with deep-seated trauma often leading to problems with depression and anxiety.

The combination of a mental health disorder and a substance use disorder is known as a dual diagnosis, with the interaction between multiple conditions often needing specialized treatment. Examples of dual diagnosis interactions include depression and alcoholism, panic disorder and Valium abuse, and eating disorders and amphetamine abuse. Women often experience dual diagnosis interactions in a unique way, with specialized women’s drug rehab able to help women as they engage with the recovery process.

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